Course Curriculum

    1. 1.1 What is a Digital Disaster Plan?

    2. 1.2 Who is Laura?

    3. 1.3 Why use password managers?

    4. 1.4 Getting started with LastPass

    5. 1.5 Manual password entry ("The Hard Way")

    6. 1.6 Automatic password entry ("The Easy Way")

    1. 2.1 Should you keep your "Digital Lockbox" on your iPhone?

    2. 2.2 How do I download and configure on mobile?

    3. 2.3 How do I enter passwords on mobile?

    4. 2.4 How do I access my vault on mobile?

    5. 2.5 What documents should I gather (for the next session)?

    1. 3.1 Why keep your documents in LastPass?

    2. 3.2.1 How do I enter documents on my computer? (Part 1)

    3. 3.2.2 How do I enter documents on my computer? (Part 2)

    4. 3.3 How do I enter documents using my Phone / Tablet?

    5. 3.4.1 Dos and Don’ts: How to access your vault (Part 1)

    6. 3.4.2 Dos and Don’ts: What to avoid (Part 2)

    7. 3.5 What other data should I gather (for the next session)?

    1. 4.1 How can I use my vault to save me time and effort?

    2. 4.2 How do I enter my credit cards, drivers license, and addresses?

    3. 4.3 How do I attach a scan?

    4. 4.4 What can I use the notes field for?

    5. 4.5 What is Form Fill, and how does it save me time?

    6. 4.6 What (and who) are Emergency Access contacts?

    1. 5.1 What is Emergency Access, and why is it so important?

    2. 5.2 How does access get granted? Who should I choose?

    3. 5.3 What are the requirements of my EA contacts, and how do I ask them?

    4. 5.4 How do I enter EA Contacts in LastPass?

    1. 6.1 What are the consequences of stolen (hacked) passwords?

    2. 6.2 How do we get hacked?

    3. 6.3 What is the easiest way to make an unhackable password?

    4. 6.4 Can LastPass help me decide which passwords to change first?

    5. 6.5 What’s the easiest way to change and share my passwords using LastPass?

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